JUMP! First game supporting force feedback on Amiga

So, now it’s what we call immersive gameplay! UNI-joy has joined forces with Machinery Software – the creator of upjumping Amiga game that you might have already heard of. 🙂

Yes, it’s an Amiga 1200 of silicon and copper controlling LEDs and force feedback motor in UNITHOR Assembler version. That’s one small “Kick back” for man, one giant “Flash back” for retrohood 😀


Turrican 2 gameplay on two-button UNITHOR

The time has come to show you some action! Hereby we’re starting a gameplay series featuring UNITHOR joystick on our YouTube channel.

Today we kick off with Turrican 2, so 2 independent buttons will fire the first shots. Now we know what we have missed! Please like, subscribe and tell us what gameplay you would like to see next time.