UNITHOR joystick on Kickstarter

LIFT-OFF – we’re on Kickstarter!

It’s happening folks – our Kickstarter campaign has started! Thank you for all your support and feedback over all this time – it’s been a long journey indeed. The project is solely in your hands now – it won’t happen without your support! Please help us conclude it with a happy end – let’s create UNITHOR together!

We all do deserve a new quality joystick – “we’re worth it”. 😉

All hands on deck! :)

Our prelaunch page is already on Kickstarter – please help us bring UNITHOR to the market! Here’s what we’re asking you to do for now:

  1. Go to our project page.
  2. Click the green “Notify me on launch” button (you need to be signed up on Kickstarter for this feature to work).

This action doesn’t imply any commitment on your part, but it will give us feedback on the volume of interest (we’d love to see at least 1000 feedbacks), defining the moment we click The Start Campaign Button!

Pixel Heaven 2022

PIXEL HEAVEN 2022 – we’ll be there!

It’s this weekend already! We’ll be at PIXEL HEAVEN where – just like last year – we’ll showcase none other than UNITHOR. As the months following the 2021 edition were anything but idle, you’ll be able to see the progress that UNITHOR has made. Of course it will be available for you to play with and we’ll be available for a chit-chat. 🙂

Multi upgrade

Latest version of UNITHOR project brings big updates: redesigned bottom chassis allowing for multi button option – up to 6 full size buttons ready for proper smashing and navigating in consoles, new basic colours and classy surface finish. And yes, red is fastest one!

LEDs play

Previously we presented UNITHOR in its classic look – today we’ll show off some frills! If you like delving into retro gaming but don’t shy away from contemporary solutions, you’re in the right place. The custom version of UNITHOR can be fitted with adjustable RGB LEDs, adding a new dimension to your gaming experience. Change LED colour and brightness, switch it off if needed or… let your computer control it through a feedback mechanism and Flash Back feature!

What color is retro?

After all these more or less black versions of UNITHOR presented so far, we are also working
on color schemes that will emphasize its character by making it look like the most outstanding devices from era. Visit our Facebook page where you can vote with your “likes”to express your opinion on the most interesting colour options.

LIMBO gameplay – UNITHOR on USB

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to plunge into the dark world of LIMBO relying only on your instincts and reliable joystick in your hand? We do… Got shivers already?

UNI-joy your meal!

Those were the days when finishing a game required both intellectual and physical effort. This inevitably took a toll on your energy reserves which needed to be replenished. Let’s not make the break from your favourite game too long – here’s a quick, filling dish that will make your mouth water: a retro-cutlet!

Joy your meal!