About us

We’re retrocomputing enthusiasts who simply ran out of joysticks. And so we’ve decided to develop a modern controller for computers and consoles from the era. The idea was that it wouldn’t just fit retro machines design-wise – it was equally important that it’s better and more wear-resistant than its long-gone or ailing predecessors. At first we meant to build it just four ourselves, but with the encouraging feedback we got, we thought – hey, why not share it with other gamers?

The development team

Marcin, a guy with professional 3d graphics background, has been responsible for UNITHOR’s project and design.

Jarek, with 30 years of experience in hardware sales, service and production, is the man behind the joystick’s hardware and software.

Both of us love demoscene productions that squeeze the last bits and cycles from computers that did exactly what their users expected them to. This philosophy has been and will remain a major influence on UNITHOR development.