Q: How and where to buy the joystick?
A: Go to our project page on Kickstarter and preorder UNITHOR. That’s it. 🙂

Q: Where can I actually test your joystick?
A: At Jarek’s place. Seriously. If you happen to be within short travel distance from Holy Cross Mountains in Poland, just drop by our inconspicuous retro corner. The exact whereabouts can be found in the Contact section. We can also meet during upcoming events – follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter to be up to date with our tour.

Q: What’s inside?
A: Heavy duty components combined with experience and genuine enthusiasm. Speaking more technically – microswitches designed to withstand at least one million cycles and a forged metal head.

Q: Does the joystick feature autofire?
A: Yes – if you have it equipped it with the electronics add-on. And it’s going to be quite advanced.

Q: Will your joystick for retro computers and consoles work with emulators as well?
A: Absolutely – just have your UNITHOR equipped with the USB version of electronics, which will automatically give it a USB connector instead of the 9-pin DB9/DE9 one. With it, you can use it with modern retro consoles or an ordinary PC running a software emulator.

Q: I’d prefer the joystick to work differently – I like it when the control is more delicate / rigid.
A: This item is on a waiting list – we need to launch the project with other features first. The plan is to offer the choice of microswitches and springs, which would translate into how soft/hard the joystick feels.

Q: Why no suction cups?
A: Indeed, by default UNITHOR sports rubber pads which we think do quite well. Still, if you prefer suction cups – you can have them installed as an add-on.

If you have further questions, just drop us a line.